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India's relations with Serbia have traditionally been close and friendly since the days of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Marshall Tito were co-founders of the Non-Aligned Movement. Following the dissolution of the SFRY in the early 1990's and the emergence of the Republic of Serbia, those early bonds of friendship and cooperation still provide the foundation for the relations between the two countries. The INDIASERBIA Photography Contest is a collaborative project of the Embassy of India in Serbia, EXIT Foundation, Brand Serbia and IdeaWorks Design & Strategy, conceptualised to further these very relations between the citizens, professionals and institutions of India and Serbia.

Photography Exhibition

GLIMPSES FROM INDIA AND SERBIA: An exhibition of select photos from the first INDIASERBIA Photography Contest will be organized at the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade. The exhibition will be open from 26 February to 14 March. The Indian Ambassador, HE Smt Narinder Chauhan will inaugurate the exhibition. Apart from showcasing the photos, the Grand Prize Winner from Serbia, Zoltan Bisak, will also share his experience of his seven-day visit to day, sponsored by Etihad Airways and Incredible India.

Contest Theme

My Land
My People


INDIASERBIA Photography Contest 2014 invites all citizens of India and Serbia to capture the spirit of your people, your culture and your country in your photographs.
Identify people, communities and cultural activities in your country that you think makes your society exciting, vibrant and colourful. Click pictures that best represent the essence of your country and people.
We encourage you to present the unknown and unseen facets of your country to the audiences
in India and Serbia in this globalised and interconnected world.Your image should ideally reflect the spirit of your country and people.

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Best Entry
from Serbia
Win a trip to India!

The photographer with the best entry from Serbia will win two tickets (courtesy Etihad Airways) and a 7 day trip to India in 2015 (courtesy Incredible India).

Best Entry
from India
Win a trip to Serbia!

The photographer with the best entry from India will win two tickets (courtesy theIdeaWorks) and a 7 day trip to Serbia in 2015 (courtesy Brand Serbia).

Top 10 Entries from India and Serbia
Win VIP passes
to EXIT 2015!

20 best entries (10 each from India & Serbia) 

will win VIP passes to
The Best Major European Festival –EXIT 2015 (courtesy EXIT ).